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Using the Simplifi mobile App for Route Functions

1.1 Today’s Schedule

Location List/Daily Schedule: The “Location” list contains the route’s list of locations with Points of Sale (POS) scheduled for service on the specified service date.   At the top of the screen, ‘Scheduled’ and ‘All Locations’ can be tapped to toggle between all Locations on the route, and the Locations with POS scheduled on the service date.

Icons directly beneath the listed location provide the driver with a visual indication of the tasks to be performed. 

 – Dark blue task contains the number of vending POS to be serviced. 

 –  For VendMAX users, a royal blue task contains the number of delivery POS to be serviced.  

 –  For VendMAX users, a purple task contains the number of Market POS to be serviced.

 –  When all tasks are complete, the icon turns dark gray

 – Light gray indicates unscheduled locations and Points of Sale

 – Yellow delivery bubble located on the Location and POS List identifies when delivery orders have been   

          downloaded from the server (and are scheduled to be delivered ‘today’).  This enables drivers to easily verify

         they have loaded the truck with all their delivery orders prior to driving away.

As tasks are completed, the number inside the task is decremented.  Only the number of unfinished tasks remain.  Tap on the task for a description of the task and current status.

The schedule date is shown at the top of the Location List.

Press on the tasks to see details  

There are two methods for accessing a scheduled Points of Sale.  1) Tap on the location to display the list of scheduled Points of Sale belonging to the location.  2) Use the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top right of location list. 

From the search bar, tap on the barcode icon and use the device’s camera to scan the machine barcode.  Once the camera scans the POS barcode, the app will automatically open the Point of Sale.

1.2 End of day

When finished servicing all POS for the route day, choose End of Day from the Location menu.

End of Day: Be sure the End of Day function is performed every day after the last POS is completely serviced.  

Performing End of Day will upload remaining transactions from the mobile device to VendMAX.

When End of Day Process is completed, the mobile device will display a summary of the mobile activity performed since the last End of Day process.

Tap Continue

To synchronize the app to a specific date, tap PREPARE NEXT DAY and use the calendar to select the date.

To return to the same service date from which you just ended, tap RETURN.

Note:  If you need to revisit a machine and amend a service that was already uploaded for the day, you can tap on PREPARE NEXT DAY and select current date.  The route schedule will be refreshed and you can visit that machine again.  Be aware, this does NOT create a second visit for the machine/market.  It will amend the previous visit with the new information and update the visit timestamp.   

1.3 Mapping

You can receive turn by turn directions to a Point of Sale and plot all scheduled locations on the map, with the app’s mapping features.  Mapping is available by choosing Map from the more (three vertical dots) menu on the right side of the location list screen and also the POS list screen.

Mapping from the Location List screen will plot the list of locations on the map.  It is important to note, when a filter has been applied to the location list, only the locations in the list will be mapped.  Each location will be plotted with a push pin. Tap on the pin to see details about the location.   Tap the “Back” button to exit the “Map” screen and return to the “Location List” screen.

Use Mapping from the POS list to map the individual customer location.  Get step by step directions using the “Drive To” feature powered by “Google Maps”.  It is important to note, the smartphone must have “Location Services” enabled to receive directions to the desired destination. Use the “Back” feature to get out of the “Map” screen and return back to the app.

1.4 View and Service POS from Other Routes

With simplify MOBILE, supervisors, jump drivers and service techs can log into a route and create visits/deliveries without using someone else’s password. 

A new permission “Allow to add locations from other routes”, allows the operator to control which drivers, technicians and supervisors have the ability to access someone else’s schedule.

How it works: On the mobile app, choose Add Route from the 3-dot menu.  Choose the appropriate route from the droplist, and the app will sync with your database and receive the selected route’s data.   The app now contains data for both routes, and the user can toggle between the routes using the new droplist on the Location List.  

Super cool is the ability to use this feature and enable the service department the ability to create the first visit with fills and a dex read when performing machine placements!

For the VendMAX user: Add the new permission to the user’s security profile.  For a service technician, be sure to also add the “Mobile – simplifi route functions: Allow to Use”.   When a route is configured for Pickup Routes, the Pickup Routes are displayed in the droplist.  When Pickup Routes are not used, all routes belonging to the sites to which the driver has access are available in the droplist.

For the ENTERPRISE user: Add the new permission “Add Locations from other routes” to the user’s role. For a service technician, be sure to set the “Mobile app – Route” to allow.

NOTE: Once the user performs End of Day, the data for the additional route(s) is dropped from the app.

1.5 Driver Handheld Notes from VendMAX Are Viewable in the APP

Handheld notes set at the the Customer and Locations level are shown on the POS List, and POS notes are displayed when the POS is opened.

Updated on June 22, 2021

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