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Cashless Device Assignment & Troubleshooting

A license is required to access the Cashless Device section of the app.  Once activated you can tap on the Navigator Menu in the app to access the “Cashless Devices” section of the app. 

The Cashless App can be used to assign Crane Navigator & CORA telemeters.  The app will assign Media but Media does not support EOI so you still have to use a VIXCONFIG to assign Media It’s also a good tool to troubleshoot cashless connection issues. 

You will have the ability to search for devices in a variety of ways: 

  • Device S/N – this can be accomplished in one of two ways; typing in the telemeter serial number from the search box or using the camera on your device to scan the telemeter serial number.
  • Customer code or description – as you start to type the app will start to search for a match and display options
  • Location code or description – as you start to type the app will start to search for a match and display options
  • POS code or description – as you start to type the app will start to search for a match and display options

Devices matching the search criteria will be displayed. Tapping on the device of interest will display the device information.

Device info page

This page displays a lot of information to aid in setup, assignment and troubleshooting.  The banner across the top can be accessed by tapping on Info or Dashboard text. 

  • POS Code – Unique code assigned to the Point of Sale
  • POS Desc – Point of Sale description. 
  • Device S/N – telemeter unique serial number.  You can also tap on the “Drop Pin” to get location info on a map and google map directions to the location.
    • Local time vs. Device time – Local is the time on your phone/tablet. Device is the time on the device.  Typically these will be the same. Assume your device is in Eastern Time but you are physically in Pacific Time, the time will be 3 hours different. 
  • Last Communication (Local) – last time the telemeter communicated with DMS
  • Last Communication (Device) – last time the telemeter communicated with DMS
  • Last DEX (Local) – last time the telemeter sent a DEX file to DMS.  You also have the option to “View” the last DEX file. 
  • Last DEX (Device)- last time the telemeter sent a DEX file to DMS
  • Last reported signal strength & carrier – Once a day during housekeeping, between 1 & 2am.
  • Current Firmware Version – FW version of the telemeter
  • Cards Accepted – list of credit card types that are accepted at this POS
  • Cash Discounting – list cash discounting amount set at this POS
  • DEX Times  – list of daily scheduled Remote DEX times.  A file will be uploaded to the portal each time.

For illustration purposes the info screen is split into 2 screen shots.  Normally you will see everything on one screen. 


A driver or technician can receive driving directions from the Location icon within the device info screen if the POS address is populated properly in VendMAX

Pending updates

Tapping on the Pending updates text will produce a pop up window highlighting the status of any pending machine updates.

Tap on “OK” to close pop-up window.

Firmware – Yes signifies a pending telemeter software update

Advertising – Yes signifies  a pending product advertisement update

Cash Discount – Yes signifies  a pending Cash Discount

Planograms – Yes signifies a pending planogram change (product, price and/or par)

Dex Time Change- Yes signified a pending update to the scheduled remote dex times


Tapping on the Alerts text will display a pop up box highlighting any active alerts for that POS. 

Tap on “OK” to close pop-up.

Device dashboad page

This page is very helpful in gaining a quick visual on the status of the telemeter as well as the machines cashless performance.   


This Dashboard highlights gives a good indication if there is a network connection issue.  Reference the troubleshooting section of the app for more information.


This dashboard helps identify DEX issues.  Many variables can affect a successful DEX.  i.e. poor cell service, telemeter issue, cabling, compatibility, etc.  Reference the Troubleshooting section of the app for more information.   

Cashless Success

This dashboard will highlight if card acceptance is degrading and allow you to quickly address the issue. 

Cashless %

You can quickly assess the % of Cashless success of the past 7 days. 

You can quickly see the past 7 days performance and if it’s on or off track from the previous 7 day period. 


You can quickly assess the sales impact of the POS by viewing the sales bar.  You can quickly see the past 7 days performance and if it’s on or off track from the previous 7 day period. 

Device assignment

This feature is only available for Navigator & Cora telemeters.  The flow for assigning a device include the following steps:

  1. Select Device – assign a telemeter to a piece of equipment. 
    • You have the ability to manually enter the telemeter serial number or scan the barcode on the telemeter and it will populate the Device S/N field.
    • Once you select “Continue” the app will connect to the server to verify the telemeter S/N and account settings.  The process will advance to the next step once the data is valid. 
    • The bubble next to each action will turn green once all information is correct. 
    • An orange triangle signifies a warning that can be viewed by tapping on the triangle
  1. Select Equipment – The equipment will already be created in VendMAX.  You can either scan the machine barcode or manually enter the  equipment code.  You will receive an error message if the equipment doesn’t exist in VendMAX.
  1. Confirm Assignement – An overview of the POS & Equipment will be displayed. 
  1. Power cycle the Navigator or Cora telemeter to complete the assignment process and updating of VendMAX.

PayRange Assignment w/Cora Telemeters

CORA can send DEX to simplifi mobile without the need of a DEX fob.  In order to do this, some setup is required:

  • CORA firmware 9.16.X or higher
  • CORA assigned to a Point of Sale
  • Point of Sale assigned to a route

Associating Payrange ID

  1. In simplifi, pull up the daily route schedule that contains CORA unit(s) you want to associate.
    • The signal indicator can be three different colors:
      • Green – device is associated and in range.
      • Gray – device is associated but not in range.
      • Black – device is not associated with a PayRange ID.
  1. Tap on the device you want to associate. 
    • Click on ‘Get DEX’ in the bottom right corner.  The signal strength indicate should be black
  • If the Get Dex icon is gray, then the telemeter is not within range.  You will receive the following error message.
  1. This will bring up the list of PayRange units that are in range.
    • NOTE: Is it is very important you select the correct PayRange ID.  Once it is associated it can only be changed by cashless support.
    • The PayRange ID is located on the bottom of CORA.
  1. Tap on the correct PayRange ID in simplifi and the association will occur. 
  2. You can now DEX the machine via CORA.

Support Material


The information in this section will walk you through the basic steps in troubleshooting cashless devices.

Parts List

You can search for accessories to gain part number information for ordering. 

Vendor Compatibility

You can search for a particular vendor to find out if it’s DEX, Cashless and or Touch compatible.  The minimum FW requirements, any special requirements and Touch Kit #’s are also available.

If you don’t see your vendor on the list contact support. 

Training & Tech Notes

Tech notes, manuals, firmware release notes, and how to are available in this section.

Handheld – Inventory with multiple handhelds

Follow these steps to perform a zone inventory using multiple handhelds.  Use of these procedures will avoid incorrect or lost inventories.

1Each person performing the inventory should be assigned specific sections or products to inventory to avoid overlapping products.
2Choose one handheld to perform a ‘Full’ inventory as outlined under FULL Inventory Section.  Set to ‘REPLACE
3Have the remaining handhelds set to perform a ‘Partial’ inventory as outlined under Partial Inventory Section. Set to ‘merge with’ existing entries and ‘add to’ current counts.
4Ø  Warning! Prior to syncing any handheld, make certain all other inventories for this zone are Posted!
5If the ‘When uploading, auto-post Inventory Physicals’ is checked in the Handheld Server, uncheck it.
6Sync the handheld with the ‘Full’ inventory first.  After this one is finished uploading, sync the other handhelds.
7Go to VendMax on the PC and post the inventory.
8Re-check the ‘When uploading, auto-post Inventory Physicals’ in the Handheld Server if appropriate.
Updated on February 5, 2021

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