Having problems logging into the app:

  1. If you see the message ‘DAWS login not found’, you may not be licensed for simplifi Mobile.  Contact CCS Sales department.
    1. If you are a VendMAX user and missing the Operator Id, please contact the CCS Sales department.

Having problems with the daily schedule not loading:

Make sure the login credentials are for a route driver who is assigned to an active route, and there is at least one POS assigned to the route.  If you are able to login in, and the screen is blank, check if there are POS scheduled for the day.  If everything checks out, try restarting the app or phone.

Having problems with the fob and dexing:

First check to see the fob has a good charge.  A low charge can cause issues.

Next try to determine if the issue is between the phone and the fob, or the issue is between the fob and the machine.

Connect the fob to the machine and try to dex:

If the fob does not have a blue light, the issue is between the fob and the phone.

If the fob has a blinking blue light, the issue is between the fob and the machine.

When the issue is between the fob and the phone, the fob is not paired to the device.

Under phone settings, make sure Bluetooth is turned on (DO NOT pair the fob under phone settings!).

In the simplifi MOBILE app, tap on the main menu (from the daily schedule list) and choose ‘Dex Settings’ from the Settings menu. Put the fob in discovery mode, by pressing the power button.  The blue light will start blinking.  On the app’s pairing screen, the fob will show as SAVED.  This indicates the fob is successfully paired.

When the issue is between the fob and the machine, check for physical damage to the fob. 90% of issues are caused by damaged fobs. You can also try performing dex using DexSpy.  If using a Blu-DEX fob, check whether the fob is v1.0 or v2.0.  When using apple devices, the Blu-Dex fob must be version2.0 (Bluetooth low energy). 

If you are experiencing a failure partway through a dex, try power cycling the machine.  You might also see if DexSpy will successfully dex.  Check the fob for a low charge.   Call the simplifi support team.

Having problems with mapping:

Locations are missing on the map.   Usually this happens when the address entered in VendMAX is not completely accurate and Google Maps cannot find an exact match with the data provided.  To resolve, ask the office to check the accuracy of the street address, city, state, and zip code. 

Mobile addresses are not immediately updated when addresses are updated in the enterprise software. The ability to map a new or corrected address can take up to 24hrs.

The ‘Drive To’ button does not work.  Directions require GPS and are provided when “Location Services” is enabled on the device.

Device shows message “Couldn’t obtain geo-coding data” for a specified number of locations.  This message will appear when the address is not completely accurate and Google Maps cannot find the geo-coding for the address received.   Only valid address will show on the map.

Updated on January 15, 2020

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