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Simplifi mobile app & VendMAX Features Matrix

FeatureMobile versionVendMAX minimum Requirements
Blind Inventory Count 5.0.13
simplifi MOBILE OCS Delivery 5.0.11
Simplifi Service Calls 5.0.11
Simplifi Route Driver 5.0.11
Simplifi Crane Cashless app interface 5.0.11
Simplifi Cold Food3.3 5.0.11
Print Delivery Sales 5.0.12
Simplifi BI integration 5.0.12
Avanti & 365 Nano Market Integrations 5.0.12
simplifi MOBILE Market Connect4.05.0.12
Ability to perform partial service & inventory on a Market 5.0.13
Lightspeed EA works with simplifi Mobile 5.0.13
Ability to delay the sending of nightly invoices 5.0.13
Schedule by Area for Micro Markets 5.0.13
New Micro Market Reports 5.0.13
Print Market POG 5.0.13
Windows Server 2016; MS Office 2016/2019 5.0.13
Automatic refresh of service calls4.0 
Service Calls Badge on app icon4.0 
Ability to service Micro Market locations4.0 
Add Route – view & service other routes 4.0Permission on user security profile
Driver HH Notes viewable in app4.0 
Prekit field names added to POG 4.0 
Schedule Date added to top of location list4.0 
Yellow Delivery Bubble4.0 
Ability to change delivery date to future date4.0 
No-Sell/Warn Sell Feature enhancement4.0 
Ability to Enter “Ending Inventory”4.0 
Redesign of Route Info Page4.0 
GPS Logging4.0 
Map shows users Current Location4.0 
IOS 13 Compatibility3.3.7 
Various Picklist enhancements (i.e. highlight)3.3.7 
Expand global setting”require password to change price” to delivery orders3.3.7 
FoodMAX(Cold Food) Improvements3.3 
Ability to print a “delivery” picklist3.3 
Delivery Order Improvements3.2 
 Separated out Par vs Cap on Global Parameter ” Require Password to Edit Capacity” 4.5 
Changed the logic for Global Parameter to include Product & Par for “Require Password to Edit Product”4.5
HoneyWell DEX FOB5.0.2
Eyoyo Model 2877 1D Barcode Scanner5.
Simplifi Mobile Warehouse Features5.025.0.11
Updated on January 13, 2022

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