1.1 Questions about app features

Will the app work for all POS?  .

For VendMAX users:  

  • Yes. Simplifi Mobile works with all types of Points of Sale including Vending, Cold Food, Market & Delivery POS.
    • Delivery sales and orders can be created for delivery POS
    • You can create Purchase Orders within the app
    • Service calls can be received and resolved for all POS types
    • Service calls can be created for any POS with vending or non-vending equipment assigned

Can I use the app for warehouse and route inventory functions?   The ability to count truck and warehouse inventories is available on IOS. Android is in the field testing phase and will be available in Q2 2022.

Can I use a scanner?

The device camera and the EYOYO scanner work for all function of the app, including product search, scanning collection bags, scanning VEQ asset numbers and performing vend visits in all types of POS. (Vending, Market, Delivery, Cold Food)

Can I see more than one route schedule on the app?

This feature is called “Add Route”. This is available with a user permission setting in Vendmax.

Does the app have the same functions as the VendMAX handheld?  The following features are on our list for future updates and are not available at this time.  

  1. Handling Automatic Truck Load capability
  2. Enabling Auto-Print capability

1.2 Questions about Bluetooth

What will the drivers use for dexing?  Each driver will carry a Bluetooth dex fob. The fob is paired to the mobile app.  The driver will plug the fob into each machine and use simplifi MOBILE to receive the dex file.  Machines with CORA units do not require drivers to carry a dex fob.  The app communicates directly with the CORA unit and retrieves the dex file.

Do I need to purchase a Bluetooth device for every machine?  When using a fob, it is only necessary to purchase one Bluetooth dex fob per mobile app/device. A single fob is paired with the driver’s smart device and used to dex every machine.

How much does the app cost?  There is a one-time activation fee for simplifi MOBILE, plus a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is based on the number of POS serviced by the app.  Contact your regional salesperson for more details.

1.3 System Outage Procedure

What do I do if I can not conduct an End of Day?

Do not force a logout or delete the app. If you do this you run the risk of loosing your vend visits. Contact CPI support for assistance.

What do I do if I can not do a “Prepare Next Day” or start my current day?

If you can not load the current days route schedule you need to either conduct your daily schedule using the HandHeld or log everything on paper so it can be loaded into the app or VendMAX when the issue is resolved.

Updated on April 27, 2022

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