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Using Simplifi mobile app in a Service Department

1.1 Main Call List

Call List: The “Main” call list contains the list of service calls. Based on user permissions the list will contain calls dispatched to the service technician to which the app is logged in, all open service calls, or the un-dispatched calls.   By default, when a service technician first logs in, the list will contain the “Dispatched” calls.  

Automatic refresh of Service Call List!  The service call list will automatically refresh in the background, eliminating the need for users to manually refresh. 

For ENTERPRISE users, the map pins for service calls are color coded to match the service call priorities of High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green).  This feature is only available to simplifi Enterprise users.

Addition of a new calls badge to the app icon on the home screen.               

Using Colors:

Orange highlights the problem description and the urgency.

New calls are highlighted in pale yellow, enabling you to quickly scroll through the call list and find new calls. 

Once you view the call details, the call is considered to have been read, and the color tile changes to white

Call List Navigation:  In addition to scrolling through the call list, the magnifying class at the top of the screen can be used to open the search box and search for specific calls.  For example, entering ‘Snack’ will filter the list to the calls with ‘snack’ in one of the displayed fields.  Tap on the barcode icon in the search box and use the camera to scan the POS barcode on the machine.  Using the side menu, there are additional options for filtering and sorting the main call list.  These options are described in later chapters. 

1.2 Respond to a Service Call

1.2.1 Open the Call Details

To access call details, tap on the call. The call detail screen provides additional call information.   Tap the “Back” arrow to return to the list of calls.

Green indicates tap-able fields.  Tapping on Customer, Location, POS, Equipment, and Service Tech allows the user to change these fields for this call.

Tap “Unassign” to remove the service technician from the call and change the status of the call to un-dispatched (not assigned to a technician).

Individual Call (Details):  On small devices, swipe up on the screen to “pull” the main area of the screen up.  Additional details will display, including contact and phone number information (when available). 

When using VendMAX – The Contact, phone number and email address are defined on the “Contacts” tab in VendMAX, using the Primary Contact from the Location level.   When the Primary Contact at the Location is not defined, the app will show the Primary Contact details defined at the Customer.

1.2.2  Call Notes

Tap ADD under the Notes section to enter current status and resolution details.  When browsing through previously “Closed” calls, this field cannot be altered, and the notes are reference only

Tap in the comment area and enter information about the call.  When finished entering notes, use the back arrow to return. 

It’s recommended to enter a complete description of the resolution for future reference.

1.2.3 Closing the call

Tap the button to “Close Call” after all necessary information has been recorded and the call is resolved. A confirmation box will appear asking the user if you are sure you want to close the call.  Cancel, will take you back and enables the user to make more alterations before finalizing.  OK, means the user has completed the call.   Once the service call has been “Closed” it can no longer be altered on the smart device.

Tap the Close Call Button
OK to Close

1.2.4 View Call History

To view the call history for the Point of Sale, tap the more menu and choose ‘Equipment & History’.   The Equipment page shows the equipment assigned to the POS.  For VendMAX users, this includes both vending and non-vending equipment.  The green assigned icon indicates the equipment which is assigned to this call.  Tap the history icon (magnifying glass over folder icon) to view service call history for the selected equipment.  Call history details can be viewed by tapping on the call.   When additional equipment is listed, tapping the history button allows the service tech to see all calls related to the POS, providing a full picture of equipment health.  

1.2.5 Add Parts (VendMAX Users Only)

For VendMAX users only, the parts used in resolving the service call can be added to the service call.   Parts can also be viewed when browsing through old calls. “Parts” are defined on the “Products – Master File” in VendMAX.  From the side menu, choose Parts.  Highlight the “Part” used and tap “Add”.   Tap the “Back” button to get back to the individual call screen.

Choose Parts from the Menu
Tap + sign
Select the Part
Adjust quantity using +/- keys, then tap the green plus to add more parts
Use the back arrow to return to the call.

1.3 Create a New Call

New service calls can be created on the mobile app.  User permissions control the user’s ability to create a service call.

When using VendMAX – The permission “Mobile SVC: Create Call” must be assigned to the user’s security profile. 

To create a new call tap the plus sign (+) on the service call list, or choose Create Service Call from the Route Driver POS menu. A new call which is created on the app must be assigned to a valid piece of equipment.

A new call can be created by using the customer or equipment lookup.  Tap on the Customers or Equipment heading to select the lookup.  When Equipment is chosen, the camera can be used to scan the equipment barcode. Scanning the equipment barcode will start a service call for the scanned equipment.  You can also enter a search string and press Search to find all matching customers or equipment.

When searching by customer, tap on the appropriate customer, the location and POS and select the equipment with the service call issue.

Follow these steps to continue the service call creation process:

Tap on the call description to display the list of pre-defined call issues from VendMAX.  Scroll through the list and tap the issue which matches the issue the equipment is experiencing.  If the list does not contain a matching problem, type your own short description.

Tap on the urgency field and choose the appropriate urgency from the list. This list is defined in VendMAX.

Tap in the problem area and type in a full description of the problem. The description should contain enough detail for the service technician to understand the issue.

For all users, follow these steps to complete the service call creation process.

Tap on the Tap on the Dispatched field to assign the new call to a service tech.

Choose the appropriate user.  A pop-up allows you to confirm the service tech to which the call will be dispatched

For VendMAX users:   The list of users is defined by VendMAX permissions. When user has permission to dispatch to others, the list contains service techs with VendMAX User setting “Employee Takes Service Calls” set to YES.

When finished entering the service call details, swipe up and press SAVE.  The service call is created.  Note: When the call is dispatched to another user, the new call will drop from the main list when the main call list does not include calls for dispatched tech.

1.4 Mapping

From the call detail screen, use the “Map” icon at the top of the page to map the location.  Get turn by turn directions using the “Drive To” feature powered by Google and Apple maps.  The smartphone must have “Location Services” enabled to receive directions to the desired destination.  Tap the return arrow to exit the “Map” screen and go back to the call screen.

Use the “Map” icon at the top of the main call list to plot the calls with a valid address. When a filter has been applied, the app will map only the calls in the list matching the filter.  Each call will be plotted with a push pin. Tap on a push pin to see details about the location.  This screen can help users decide the order in which calls will be taken, keeping closest proximity and efficiency in mind.  Tap the back arrow to get out of the “Map” screen and back to the “Main” call screen.

1.5 Changing Call Details and Service Technician Assignments

Values displayed in green on the call detail screen can be changed by tapping on it when the service tech has the appropriate permission. When permission is not allowed, tapping on the field does nothing.

Change call details

Tap on the green data field to change the value. 

Tap “Unassign” to quickly remove the service technician and change the call status to un-dispatched.

Change call details – Update the customer, location, POS, equipment.

When you tap on a customer related field, you will see the locations and POS belonging to this customer.  The piece of equipment currently assigned to the call will have green assigned icon.

Tapping on a different piece of equipment will update the call with the new information.

Tap Back to return to the main call list.

Change call details – Change the Service Tech assigned

Tap the current service technician name and choose the new tech from the list.

To remove the current tech and leave the call unassigned, tap the green icon (with ‘x’) to un-dispatch the call. 

Tap the back arrow to return to the main call list.

Note:  Special permission is required to remove or change the Service Technician name assigned to the call.

For VendMAX users: Check the user security profile for the ability to dispatch calls to others and ability to save calls as undispatched.

1.6 Service Call List Side Menu

The 3-dot menu on the main call list provides access to sorting and filtering.

Use “Show Opened” to include dispatched and un-dispatched calls which are not closed.  Dispatched calls are calls which have been assigned to a service tech. Un-dispatched calls are calls which are not assigned to a service tech

Use “Show Closed” to include calls closed today.

1.6.1 Sort Service Call Fields

Use the Sort Service Calls option to sort the calls in the “Main” Call List.  All displayed fields can be sorted in Ascending or Descending order.  When sort sequence is selected, the calls are sorted in the order in which the fields are listed.  For best results, sort by Urgency, Date Dispatched or Customer.  To change the sort sequence, press the 3 parallel lines on the far right side of the field, and drag the field into the new sort sequence.   Be sure to tap Asc or Desc to activate the sort option and choose ascending or descending sequence.  Tap the back arrow to return to the main screen.

Asc. = Ascending Order. Oldest to Newest, A to Z

Desc. = Descending. Newest to Oldest, Z to A

Off = Sorting for this field will not be used ****Multiple sorting options can be selected. For example, ascending “Urgency” and ascending “Customer Description”. Tap and drag each field into the desired sort sequence.  Be sure to tap ASC or DESC to activate the sort sequence.                      

1.6.2 Choose Service Call Fields

Use Choose Service Call Fields to select the fields which show on the “Main” call list.  Disabled fields are still visible on the detailed call screen.   Tap the back arrow to active the new configuration settings and return to the main call screen.

Green w/slider to the right = Enabled, field is visible

Clear w/slider to the left = Disabled, field is not visible

***It is very common to disable fields.  All fields can still be viewed on the call detail screen.

1.6.3 Opened Since

Use the Opened Since date to choose service calls which are viewable with the app.

Updated on June 22, 2021

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