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1 Main Navigation Menu

1.1 Settings Menu

The settings menu provides access to configuration settings. 

Advanced: Used only under direction of CCS technical support, this password protected setting deletes the simplifi MOBILE database. All unsynchronized data is lost.  

Show out of service products: By default the app will not display products which are marked inactive in simplifi or marked out of service in VendMAX.

Use Cellular Data: When activated, the app will use the device’s data plan to communicate with VendMAX throughout the day.  When disabled, the app will use Wi-Fi when the device is Wi-Fi connected.  Some simplifi MOBILE features are only available when the device is connected.

Clear Image Cache:  Removes stored product images from memory and forces a refresh.

Image Settings:

Load Product Pictures: Force an immediate download of new/updated product images to the mobile app.  

Load Product Pictures only when WiFi is used: When synchronizing simplifi MOBILE with the enterprise application, only download new/updated products images to the mobile app when connected via Wi-Fi. 

Don’t download new pictures:  When synchronizing simplifi MOBILE with the enterprise application, do not automatically download new/updated products images to the mobile app.

Cancel:  Close window without making changes.

1.2 Contact Us

Contact Us provides the ability to call and email the Crane Support team. 

Tap on the phone number to speak with a support representative.

Use the Email Us link to create an email. Tap on the paper clip icon to attach images and videos to the email.

The About feature, provide details about the simplifi MOBILE version, and the device on which the app is being used.  These details can assist in troubleshooting.

Use the Legal/Privacy option to access EULA and Privacy statements.

1.4 Log Out

Not often used, the Log Out option enables the user to exit the app without synchronizing with VendMAX.  This feature should only be used with the assistance of CCS Technical Support, as data will be lost which has not uploaded.

It is recommended to return to the menu and use End of Day to exit the application.

Use this setting with direction of CCS Technical Support. 

1.5 Notifications

Adjustments to simplifi MOBILE settings can be done using the smartphone’s main Settings program.   Tap on Settings and choose the simplifi MOBILE from the app list.


Location = Allows location access, used with mapping.

Siri & Search = controls if the app can use the camera to scan barcodes.

Background App Refresh = controls if the app can receive new data when it is not visible.

Use Cellular Data = controls if the app can send and receive over your data plan. When disabled, the app will update only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Tap on “Location” to adjust the Location Services settings:

               Never – When enabled, the app will not be able to map from current location.

               While using this app – Location settings are only allowed while the app is active.

               Always – Location settings are always enabled.

Updated on January 17, 2020

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