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Common Route Driver Functions

1.1 Create a Service Call from the Route Schedule

While performing Route Driver tasks such as filling and delivering product, a driver may run across an issue.  Using the More menu, the driver can create a service call for this issue.  Please note, Service Calls is a licensed CCS product.

Choose Create Service Call from the POS menu.

The equipment for this POS is automatically selected.  When the service issue is for a different POS, tap on the EQP arrow and select the correct equipment. In order to create a service call for a POS, there must be equipment assigned to the POS.

Enter the remaining call information.

To immediately dispatch the call, use the Dispatched lookup and choose the technician. A new call will be created and dispatched to the assigned technician.  Leaving the Dispatched field blank will create a new un-dispatched call.

See the Service Call chapter for details on creating calls.

1.2 Skipping and Rescheduling the POS

Periodically, it may be necessary to skip a scheduled machine,market visit or delivery to a POS.  When a POS is skipped, it will appear on the next regularly scheduled delivery or visit date.   Skipping can be performed by Location and POS.  When a location is skipped, all scheduled POS within the location are skipped. 

To skip a POS or a location, left swipe the entity and choose SKIP

For VendMAX users, when there is a downloaded delivery order and the POS is skipped, the delivery order will be automatically moved to the next scheduled delivery date.  When there is no future schedule date, the delivery will be scheduled for tomorrow.

Once the Location or POS is marked as skipped, the entity will drop to the bottom of the Location or POS list, and show as skipped.  To remove the skipped status, left swipe and choose UNDO.

For VendMAX users with DeliveryMAX or MarketCONNECT a downloaded delivery order or visit can be rescheduled from today’s schedule to a new date (for example, tomorrow).  

Use the calendar to choose the new delivery/visit date.  The expected delivery date on the delivery order will be changed to the new date.

To make changes to rescheduled POS, left swipe and choose UNDO.

1.3 Using the Picklist

Two types of picklists are available.

  1. The location picklist provides a summarized view of all products needed for one or more scheduled POS within a particular location. 

    The Location Picklist is accessed by choosing Picklist from the more (three vertical dots) menu on the POS List.

  1. The POS picklist provides the list of products necessary for the selected POS.  To access the POS picklist, use the picklist icon at the bottom of the vending POS screen.  

The picklist provides the list of products belonging to the scheduled vending POS.  When prekitting and loading the cart before visiting the POS, use the quantities displayed in the “Est.” column. 

The “Est.” (estimated) is used before going into the POS, while “Act.” (Actual) is used after the machine has been Dexed or inventoried. 

Tap into the “Act.” Field to edit the actual quantity.

Use the Act field to adjust the actual quantity you are putting in the selection.  When pre-kitting, this is only necessary when the actual pick quantity is different from the estimated quantity

Press the back button to exit the picklist.

For advanced options, use the options menu.   

Use Sort to sequence the products in ascending or descending order; by product description or column selection id.  Column id is available on POS picklist only.

Use the PDF (product family) filter to view a specific group of products, for example cookies.

Use POS on the location picklist to select a single POS.

Then, use the Non-Zero option to skip products without estimates or actual figures.  

1.4 The Route Driver More Menus

The Location and POS screens contain additional functions which can be accessed using the more menu. 

Menu Options

  • Use MAP to plot all POS In the list on a map.
  • Use the Route Info to view daily progress.
  • Use Filter/Sort/Fields to define what you want to SEE on the location list.
  • Use “Add Route” to add another drivers route to the current route for the day. 

Route Info contains an overview of today’s progress.  The Location Info option (found on the POS menu), contains similar information for the selected location.

Route Info Screen

Contains details about the route to which this device is configured.

The task section keeps track of driver progress. By task (serviced, collected, inventoried, bags, deliveries), the screen shows the number of POS scheduled and completed. The “extra” value is the number of unscheduled POS tasks completed.

Filter/Sorts/Fields manage the Display settings and controls what you see on the Location and POS List screens.  You can select the fields to be shown, choose the sort sequence and search for something.

Use the Sort page to choose the order in which locations and POS are listed on the screens.    

  Sort Options

Asc. = Ascending Order. A to Z, or lowest to highest

Desc. = Descending. Z to A, or highest to lowest

Off = Sorting for this field will not be used

****Multiple sorting options can be selected.  The field listed at the top is sorted first, with successive fields sorted next.  Tap on the far right of each field, drag and drop each field into the desired sort sequence. Be sure to choose Asc or Desc to activate the sort option

Swipe or tap to get to the Fields page.  The Fields screen allows you to specify the fields which are displayed on the Location and POS Lists.  Disabling unnecessary fields can streamline the pages and enable the user to see just the important information.

   Choose Fields

Green w/slider to the right = Enabled, field is visible

Clear w/slider to the left = Disabled, field is not visible ***It is very common to disable the code fields.

Use the Filter page to search and shorten the Location or POS List to records which match the search value.  For example, when a schedule contains many locations, the location list can be filtered for a specific customer.   Remove the filter to see the full list again. 


Type text in the desired field to filter the location list for locations with matching values.

Keyword search is performed looking for a field match anywhere in the field.

Add Route allows the user to view and service POS from multiple routes.  For a VendMAX user, the user must have the permission “Mobile sRTE: Allow to add locations from other routes” on the security profile.

The user will be have access to all routes which belong to the site(s) to which the user has access.  To limit the number of routes the user can view on the app, use the Pickup Route feature on the user’s route.  The app will display only the pickup routes, when one or more Pickup Routes are defined on the route.     

Add Route Screen

Displays all available routes.

+ means it’s available to add to the route

✓ means the route is already assigned

Once the route is added

If multiple routes are assigned to one driver for the day he/she can filter and view the schedule by route using the drop down box.

Visits performed on the substitute route will deduct inventory for the respective route drivers truck. 

Updated on January 17, 2020

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