This transaction is used to move inventory from one zone to another within VendMAX. The Zone-to-Zone Transfer can be used to move inventory from the main warehouse to a delivery truck, and then from the delivery truck to an attended location storage room. Alternatively, for that matter, it can be used to move inventory from one route truck to another.

Zone-to-Zone transfers can be made manually or generated from an Order (PO).

You can start a Z2Z in one of two ways:

Create ManuaL Transfer

This is typically done when the drivers are loading their trucks or if a driver is on the road and needs a product from another driver.

Create Transfer From an Order

If you are using the Zone-to-Zone order in your VendMAX system, you could tap on Create from Order and select the order you want. Follow the steps shown in each image below.

Zone to Zone Order

There is an option to create a Zone-to-Zone Order in simplifi MOBILE. Once a Zone-to-Zone Order is created, it is then available to be used as a reference when receiving product, in the mobile app or in the VendMAX client. The Zone-to-Zone Order is a reference document and does not affect inventory movement. It is the Zone-to-Zone Transfer, created from the Zone-to-Zone Order, which effects the inventory movement.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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