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Warehouse & Truck Inventory Functions

The basic premise of inventory tracking is that VendMAX will monitor any product that enters or exits each inventory zone. An inventory zone is defined as any physical place where inventory is stored. The Main Warehouse is called an inventory zone, as is each Route truck, a storage closet at an attended location, or any other place where inventory exists, except a vending machine.

In a warehouse, inventory usually enters the zone through a receipt, and usually exits the zone through a zone transfer out to a route truck. In order to track inventory in any specific zone, that zone must be recording all product in and all product out. This is most easily accomplished in the warehouse. The warehouse manager conducts all of these transactions.

On a route truck, the zone transfer out from the warehouse becomes the zone transfer in to the truck. Inventory exits the truck zone when it is pulled from the truck to be placed in a vending machine. Therefore, in order to accomplish inventory control out of a route truck, the driver must be recording ’product add’ information at each POS on the route. Once this is accomplished, the entire inventory system becomes a closed loop, where product is tracked from the time it enters your business, until it becomes cash in a vending machine.

The rollout of the inventory system usually will start with creating Receipt Transactions for each delivery into the warehouse zone and creating Zone-to-Zone Transfers to TWO route truck zones. After this success, all routes begin recording Zone-to-Zone Transfers. At that point, a physical inventory of the warehouse will reveal product discrepancies, and you have full inventory control of your largest inventory zone. Inventory functions consist of Physical Counts & Zone to Zone Transfers.  From the mobile app, you can access both functions in one of two ways based on your user permissions.  The landing page provides a quick link to the desired feature by tapping on either one of the icons.  You can also access these from the home menu>Inventory section.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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