Assign Barcodes

The VendMAX Inventory system relies heavily on Packaged Product Barcodes. As Products are received, they can be checked-in using the barcode scanner on the tablet or by using the Eyoyo BLE 4.0 scanner. The scanner can also be used for the following:

  • Receipts
  • Zone to Zone Transfers
  • Physical Inventories
  • Vend Visit product changes
  • Delivery Sales
  • Zone to Zone Orders created on mobile app
  • Delivery Orders created on the mobile app

In each case, the barcode scanner makes the process of data entry much faster by eliminating the need to use the “product picker” for searching for products. This efficiency is dependent on the system being able to accurately recognize the barcode of each packaged product.

A Packaged Product is a defined Unit of Measure for a specific Product. As an example, a candy bar would most likely have three Packaged Products defined:

  • Each
  • Box (of x each)
  • Case (of y each)

Although inventory is internally maintained in each quantities, VendMAX allows the user to interact with larger packages for convenience. Therefore, when the warehouse manager is receiving a shipment of candy bars, they can scan the barcode on the case, and VendMAX will recognize it as a case of y quantity.

Training Barcodes

Each Packaged Product has its own barcode. In fact, over time, the product manufacturers occasionally change the barcodes for a packaged product. Therefore, VendMAX must be able to track more than one barcode for each Packaged Product.

Barcodes can be entered directly into the VendMAX client using the View Barcodes dialog box. However, it is much more convenient to use the Train Barcodes function on the mobile app. This function allows the user to scan an unknown barcodes and choose the packaged product from the “Product Picker” for which to associate the new barcode.

Once a barcode has been trained, and the mobile app has uploaded to the VendMAX database, every other mobile user will know the new barcode. This means that when a new product is first received into the warehouse, the warehouse manager will discover the new barcode and train it into the VendMAX database. Therefore, the route drivers should never be confronted with an unknown barcode.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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