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VendMAX Hotfix Updates

This page was built for Vendmax users who are subscribed to the Auto Update Hotfix background service installed in their Vendmax Environment. It will list any fixes automatically installed in your environment. This new service is available for version and newer. If you aren’t subscribed please email a request to support@craneconnectivity.com

VendMAX Version

Market Connect

MMV_View.sql & MVC_View.sql (posted: 7/31/2020 )

  • Transactions / Micro Market Visits grid view – This fix corrects the value displayed in grid field ‘Qty Spoils’ to display the total quantity product spoiled for the visit record. It is not a default field displayed on the grid, you would add it to the grid using the Choose Fields button.

Info_Browser_POS_Get_Inv.sql (posted: 9/23/2020)

  • Mobile App – Performance optimization when entering the Products screen within a Market Point of Sale.

VDI_DataExchange_Export_MMProductCatalog_XML.sql (posted: 9/17/2020 )

  • Fixes a problem with the Product export which raises an exception for 365 Retail Markets environment.  It doesn’t affect Vendmax or the market Kiosks, it was created unnecessary logging at 365 back end systems.

Sp_Get_System_Inventory.sql (posted: 9/23/2020)

  • CE platform handheld – Performance optimization on a full end of day sync.


RPT_Hi_Low.sql (posted: 9/30/2020 )

  • Hi-Low Sales Report – Corrects a problem with the report displaying the Vending Equipment model for the first Visit created for a point of sale instead of using the current vending equipment at the point of sale.

RPT_Hi_Low.sql (posted: 5/13/2021 )

  • Hi-Low Sales Report – Corrects performance optimization.

Install_RPT_Financial_by_Product_Family.sql & RPT_Financial_By_Product_Family.rpt (posted: 4/13/2021 )

  • Financial by Product Family report – corrected the formula used for Net Profit % to accurately reflect the percentage of Net Profit.  Was originally using gross profit instead.

VendMax Client

Transactions / Vend Visits

Vv_form_items.sql (posted: 1/19/2021 )

  • Corrects an issue with making changes to the Vend Visit record where you might receive an error during posting.  Ex err: The data you entered conflicted with data….

MMV_View.sql (posted: 05/13/2021)

  • Performance optimization when viewing Services within a Micromarket point of sale masterfile record


Performance optimization when viewing Services within a Micromarket point of sale masterfile record.

01_Structure_Changes.sql (posted: 9/30/2020)

  • Performance optimizations when working with Point Of Sale Groups under Master Files.
  • Performance optimizations in the mobile app sync’ng relating to DeliveryMax

Updated on May 18, 2021

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