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Simplifi mobile app 5.0 Release Notes

Crane Payment Innovations has released simplifi mobile app 5.0. This update includes the ability to use simplifi mobile to conduct all VendMAX Inventory operations including, Physical Inventories, Zone-to-Zone transfers, Purchase Order creation and the ability to receive product via receipts.  In addition, a new landing page provides a quick view visual of the user’s daily activity.  The mobile suite of features now allows users to manage daily activities from one device.  More details around the new warehouse features can be found here: https://vendmaxhelp.com/article-categories/warehouse/

Press release can be found on CPI webpage: http://www.cranepi.com/simplifi-Mobile

Landing Page

A new landing page visual is a dashboard that provides employees a visual of the status of their activities for the day.  At a glance a route drivers can view the visit progression, at the same time the supervisor can also view the status of the team of route drivers by utilizing the “add Route” feature.        

Physical Inventory

You can conduct Full or Partial Inventory of zones at any time.   

Zone to Zone Transfers

Zone to Zone transfers can be created from an existing purchase order or manually create one by scanning the product barcode with a handheld scanner or the camera on the mobile or tablet device.

Purchase Orders

You have the ability to create a purchase order right from the mobile app.  It will be displayed as “Ordered”.


When a supplier is listed in VendMAX you can receive products into a zone from any one of your suppliers.  You can also receive product into a zone for an order that is created in VendMAX.  All orders are updated in real time and will be displayed as “Posted”.  

Barcode Training

Adding new barcodes to existing products as they come in the back door just became easier.  Scan the new barcode with either the camera or the scanner, select the product and then post it to VendMAX.  Your product catalog is downloaded to the app in real time so all updates are real time.  


There are 12 permissions, which provide you the ability to restrict what users can do and see with the landing page and the various warehouse options.  The permissions are set up in VendMAX under “Security Profile” settings.

Mobile INV: Allow access to transactions created by others – Allows supervisors or other associates to view transactions created by other users.

Mobile INV: Allow driver access to the other zones (besides truck zone) – This security will allow the driver to conduct zone-to-zone transfers & inventory for other zones.  Otherwise, they only have access to their assigned truck zone.

Mobile INV: Allow to delete products – Once the user completes a transaction or inventory by selecting “Checkout” they cannot go back into the transaction and delete a product unless they have this permission set in their security profile. 

Mobile INV: Allow to use inventory functions – Allows the user to access all Inventory Functions on the landing page.

Mobile INV: Allow to use physical inventories – This allows the user to perform inventories.  The “Physical Count” icon will be displayed on the landing page if the user has this setting in their security profile.

Mobile INV: Allow to use Purchase Orders – This allows the user to process a receipt from an open Purchase order.  If the user permission is set then the PO will be displayed in the mobile app.

Mobile INV: Allow to use Receipts – This allows the user to use the Receipts section of the mobile app to receive product from suppliers. The “Receipts” icon will be displayed on the landing page if the user has this setting in their security profile.

Mobile INV: Allow to use Zone Transfers/Orders – This allows the user to perform Transfers.  The “Transfer” icon will be displayed on the landing page if the user has this setting in their security profile.

Mobile INV: Barcode Assignment – This allows the user to use the mobile app for barcode training.  The “Barcode Assignment” icon will populate on the landing page if the user has this setting in their security profile.

Mobile INV: Can Edit Posted transactions –The user is granted permission to modify a posted transaction. 

Mobile INV: Can Void Posted transactions – The user is granted permission to left swipe and Void a posted transaction.

Mobile INV: Edit transactions created by others – This is more of a supervisor role.  This license will allow the user to edit any transaction created by other users. 

Other Updates & Patches

IOS Improvements

Location picklist POS filter enhancement

DEX through Cora causes bag number to disappear

Out of service packaged products (UOM) still available

Incorrect colors / difficult to read screen iOS 14

Android Improvements

DEX icon shown for non-DEX POS

Service calls duplicated parts

Impossible to edit Qty for delivery order

Sched done value on Info screen is wrong

Visit date time does not using correct timestamp

Tablet POG View is missing adds on first time when no dex

Both IOS & Android Improvements

Add menu options for micromarket Adds

Query and display DEX fob battery percent

External/eyoyo scanner support on all screens with scan functionality

Honeywell DEX-BLE-10 FOB added to the suite of approved DEX FOB’s

Updated on June 22, 2021

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