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simplifi MOBILE 4.5 Release Notes

June 2020


The latest mobile app version 4.5 has improvements in data synchronization, shortcut service call creation, call notifications, and all-around stability. Crane’s commitment to investing in technology solutions can be seen by our latest addition of the Zebra DX30 DEX fob to the list of 3rd party device certified devices.


iOS Improvements

  • Improvements to End Of Day synch functionality when an invalid DEX parameter is being uploaded
  • When scanning for a POS using the device camera, the search is conducted by looking for the POS code instead of the VEQ code
  • Resolved an issue with missing Test Vend meter fields after a successful DEX
  • Prevent the ability to edit the Test Meter value after the Vend Visit is uploaded

Android & iOS Improvements

  • NEW Bluetooth DEX: Added Bluetooth 3rd party DEX fob to the portfolio, including Zebra DX30. Purchase the fob directly from Zebra by accessing the web link below. https://www.cdw.com/product/zebra-dx30-smartdex-network-adapter/4942423
  • User License Update: A user must accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) to use the app
  • Permissions Update: Added the ability to grant drivers the permission to edit par or capacity. These are now independent permissions. The ability to edit a product also includes the ability to change par, as it makes sense that a driver has the ability to change par when the driver can change the product.
  • Require Password to Edit Capacity
    1. Yes – requires a password
    2. No – no password required
  • Require Password to Edit Product (This Parameter Controls Product & Par)
    • Yes – requires a password
    • No – no password required

Delivery Improvements (iOS)

  • Delivery Sale/Order items are displayed and printed as entered
  • On the delivery product detail page, the “View Standing Order” line is now fully displayed

Micro-market Improvements (iOS)

  • The VendMAX MM Visit screen was updated to display a both the Voided & Posted MM visit for the use case where a visit was voided for some reason

Service Call Improvements (iOS)

  • Service Call Push Notifications works when notifications is activated in device app settings

CPI Synq Improvements (iOS)

  • Text overlap issue
  • Increased POS search interval for devices that are nearby
  • Fixed Gryphon Float Value slider to reflect the color red when certain parameters are met

Updated on June 9, 2020

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