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Simplifi MOBILE Release Notes

March 2022 IOS Release

June 2022 for Android Release

Crane Payment Innovations has released simplifi MOBILE This update includes a variety of new features and bug fixes as outlined below.

IOS & Android Improvements

Added Company info to the Zone to Zone Transfer.  You now have the ability to add your company information to the Zone to Zone transfer, export the transfer to PDF and print it to a Bluetooth connected printer.  You can export to PDF or print within the Zone to Zone order by tapping on the 3-dot menu or you can do it from the Zone to Zone summary page. 

Auto scan of Bag when a collect is scheduled.  When selecting a POS that is scheduled for a “collect” the device camera will automatically open so the driver can scan the collection bag barcode without having to tap on the barcode icon.  This speeds up the service time at the POS. 

Note:  This feature is configurable.  You can enable or disable this “Auto Scan Bag Number” from the settings>config screen. By default this is turned on.


Save Planogram/product views state.  When using a Tablet/ipad you have the ability to toggle between planogram view and Product list view.  The new feature will now save the last view you used for all future POS visits.  For example, if you switch to Product List view, exit selections without toggling back to Planogram view, select a new POS, select selections, it will show Product list view by default. 

 Active Filter indicator.   This new feature alerts you to when a filter has been applied.  You will see this at the customer, location and POS views.  If there is an active filter the 3-dot menu will be replaced with the filter icon.  Tapping on the filter icon will open the 3-dot menu.  When all filters are removed, the filter will be replaced with the 3-dot menu.

A filter is set from the 3 dot menu>Filter/Sort/Fields/Filter

Tapping on the Filter icon and clearing all filters will display all POS and the 3-dot icon returns

Apple IPAD Mini Generation 6 Compatibility – The latest IOS software releases, v15.x, created a compatibility issue with Simplifi Mobile when viewing overlaying screens.  Mobile has been updated to handle the change introduced by IOS. 

Bug Fixes

  • Automated upload of visits has been improved. 
  • Transaction X button display has been corrected.  Previously it would upload the transactions but the button would still appear after the upload took place.
  • Sporatic crashes on the landing page.
  • Landing Page “Planned units” updated to reflect “Scheduled POS” only. Previously “Planned Units” included estimates for items for all POS. 
  • DEXSetPrice -previously this feature was not working properly when the driver uploaded at the machine. When the driver DEXes the machine and the machine product price does not match the POG price in VendMAX, the driver will be prompted with the option to update VendMAX POG with the DEX price.
  • Next Days Limit = 0.  When set to 0, the driver does not have the ability to prepare next day.  Previously this was not working properly.  
  • Add Customer description to Location list map pin. The pin will now display the Customer Description followed by the Location Description on line 1.  The address will be displayed on line 2.
  • Change to apply BI inventory to MM areas only when an area is open.  Thus the BI from VendMAX will only populate the area that the driver selects.  If the driver does not open an area, no inventory will be uploaded for that area.
  • Fixed false Vend Visit upload from location pick list.  If a driver viewed the Location Pick list and searched for a particular POS, a visit was created in error for that POS.
  • Sales history Tab did not show the last 4 payments.
  • Fixed bug on MM scheduling.  Missing Collect and or Inventory on MM Scheduling screen.
  • Logging out of the app after performing an End of Day no longer requires an admin password.
  • Prepare Next Day was conducting an unnecessary End of Day. 


Cellular setting – Due to updates to IOS, this setting within the mobile app is not working as designed.  Reference Picture #1. 

If you want to use or turn off the ability to use cellular data with the Mobile app, you must set that up in your device settings menu, under the Simplifi Mobile app as shown in Picture #2. 


Updated on October 25, 2022

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