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VendMAX 5.0.13 Release Notes

October 2019

Crane Merchandising Systems and Crane Connectivity Solutions are pleased to announce the release of VendMAX 5.0.13. This version emphasizes improvements with MarketConnect and general VendMAX. We are certain you will find value in the new version.

New Supported Platforms

Newly supported versions of Windows Server and Microsoft Office include:
Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2019
For the complete list of VendMAX hardware and operating system requirements, see the VendMAX 5.0.13 Hardware Requirements document.


Scheduling by AREA

Offering total freedom, the user can schedule market services by area. For example, the snack area can be serviced Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the drink area on Tuesday and Friday. This allows the user to schedule any number of areas on different days. Please note: This feature is only available with static schedules. It is not available with dynamic scheduling.

Located on the micromarket POS planogram grid view, a new print option enables you to print the products listed on the market planogram. This is a great tool for the market setup team.

Reporting Improvements

Micro market filters have been added to the following reports:
– Product Sales Ranking Report
– In Machine Inventory Detail Report
– In Machine Inventory Summary Report
– Scheduled Exception Report
– In Machine Inventory Detail Report – Replaced blank column for VEQ code with the market POS code.
– Financial by PDF Report – The inclusion of deposit amounts when calculating market revenue sales data.

New “Missed Inventory” flag on visits

When drivers don’t take inventory as scheduled, a new ‘Missed Inventory’ flag is set on the micro market visit. By adding this new field to the micro market visit grid view, you can easily see how often inventories are skipped.

Change “MM based on” default value to “Actual Sales”

Most operators view market sales data using actual VDI sales data. All QuickView sales tabs for micromarkets have been changed to default to Actual Sales. The option to view sales by market visit is still available. The Customer, Location, Site, Route, and National Accounts QuickViews have also been enhanced to include the “MM based on” filter.

Prektting Improvements

1) The global setting to market prekit considers POS days open.
2) The addition of Scheduled Events tab on the market POS.

New Choose Fields options on market visit grid view.

Choose Fields has been expanded and includes more fields on the micro market visit grid view.

Addition of Market Provider to Integration Failures Screen.

The micro market provider has been added to the integration failure screen, improving usability when using more than one market supplier.

New market fields added to Non‐Vending kiosk records.

Money fields have been added to Non‐Vending kiosk records. These fields are used with simplifi MOBILE to hide fields on the app when the kiosk has limited cash acceptance or none at all.


New fields added to “Choose Fields” on Product Master

New fields added to Product Masterfile “Choose Fields”, enables search and filtering by nutritional data.

Lightspeed EA and simplifi MOBILE

Ability to use Lightspeed EA (Enhanced Accountability) with simplifi MOBILE is supported with VendMAX 5.0.13.

Addition of “Last Cashless Sale Date” to POS “Choose Fields”

New field called “Last Cashless Sale Date” has been added to the POS Masterfile “Choose Fields”. This enables users to easily identify when readers haven’t had recent sales.

When DEX is replaced the dex vends are set to zero on the visit

When DEX is marked as replaced on the vend visit, the dex vends are set to zero.

New “All” filter on Dex Vends vs Inventory Vends report

A new filter allows the user to view all visits on the Dex Vends vs Inventory Vends report.

Addition of driver name to Planogram Audit Report

When using mobile, product changes made by the driver will show on the Planogram Audit report with the driver’s name.

New report filter on Sales Tax Reports

A new report setting allows users to display “Total Gross Sales” matching the selected revenue method for the report.

Service Order Audit Report

New troubleshooting report which can be used to identify when service order estimates were changed/recalculated and the user/workstation which initiated the change.

Addition of location to the Machine Not Collected report

The customer location has been added to the Machine Not Collect report.

Addition of processor dex/mdb to Cashless HotView

The processor value for dex/mdb which is passed to VendMAX is visible on the Cashless HotView.

Addition of VEQ code to the Non‐Vending placement history grid

The Vending Equipment code to which a telemetry device is assigned is visible on the Non‐Vending placement history page.

Addition of Telemetry ID to vend visit grid view “Choose Fields”

The Telemetry ID has been added to Choose Fields on the vend visit grid.

Physical Inventory Worksheet

Add sort option to print the worksheet by zone and then product description.


Invoice Statement Sort Option

New sort option on the Invoice Statement report enables the report to be printed alphabetically.

Cash Receipts report payment filter

New filter on the Cash Receipts report enables report filtering by payment type.

New field on Delivery Sales grid

Customer code is now available in Choose Fields on the Delivery Sales grid.

Delay sending nightly invoices

New global option allows for a delay in sending nightly invoices. This enables invoice corrections to be completed before the customer receives the invoice.

Addition of orders taken on the End of Day Delivery report

The End of Day Delivery report has been expanded to include the list of future orders taken by the driver.

Additional Improvements

Safeguard Masterfile descriptions

A warning has been added to prevent the user from accidently saving a Masterfile record (Customer, Location, POS, Products, Site, Route), with a blank description.

Addition of Total $ to Reciepts and Zone‐to‐Zone transfer grid views

New field for total transaction amount has been added to the Choose Fields for Receipt transactions and Zone‐to‐Zone transfers.

Physical Inventory Worksheet

Additional sort option to print the worksheet by zone and then product description.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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