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simplifi MOBILE 4.0 Release Notes

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November 2019

Service Department

Automatic refresh of Service Call List!  The service call list will automatically refresh in the background, eliminating the need to users to manually refresh. 

For ENTERPRISE users, the map pins for service calls are color coded to match the service call priorities of High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green).  This feature is only available to simplifi Enterprise users.

Addition of a new calls badge to the app icon on the home screen.               

Route Driver 

Ability to service Micro Market locations!  Drivers can see which areas of the market are scheduled to be serviced and/or inventoried. When viewing areas, the products are listed in planogram sequence taking the guess-work out of knowing product placement. Prekitted quantities are automatically displayed in the Adds column, streamlining the driver process.  The EYOYO scanner or the device’s camera enables the driver to quickly scan and record spoils, adds, removals and inventories.  Your drivers will love it!

View and service POS from other routes.  Have you been looking for the ability for supervisors, jump drivers or even service techs, to log into a route without using someone else’s password? Look no more! 

Using a new permission “Allow to add locations from other routes”, allows the operator to control which drivers, technicians and supervisors have the ability to access someone else’s schedule.

How it works: On the mobile app, choose Add Route from the 3-dot menu.  Choose the appropriate route from the droplist, and the app will sync with your database and receive the selected route’s data.   The app now contains data for both routes, and the user can toggle between the routes using the new droplist on the Location List.  

Super cool is the ability to use this feature and enable the service department the ability to create the first visit with fills and a dex read when performing machine placements!

For the VendMAX user: Add the new permission to the user’s security profile.  For a service technician, be sure to also add the “Mobile – simplifi route functions: Allow to Use”.   When a route is configured for Pickup Routes, the Pickup Routes are displayed in the droplist.  When Pickup Routes are not used, all routes belonging to the sites to which the driver has access are available in the droplist.

For the ENTERPRISE user: Add the new permission “Add Locations from other routes” to the user’s role. For a service technician, be sure to set the “Mobile app – Route” to allow.

NOTE: Once the user performs End of Day, the data for the additional route(s) is dropped from the app.

Driver handheld notes from VendMAX are viewable in the app.  Handheld notes set at the the Customer and Locations level are shown on the POS List, and POS notes are displayed when the POS is opened.

Field Names have been added to the planogram view when using iPads and tablets.

The schedule date has been added to the top of the Location List.

Yellow delivery bubble has been added to the Location and POS List to identify when delivery orders have been downloaded from the server (and are scheduled to be delivered ‘today’).  This enables drivers to easily verify they have loaded the truck with all their delivery orders prior to driving away.

Ability to change the delivery date for a future order.   Left swipe on the delivery order page, and you can change the date on which a future order is scheduled.

When using delivery pricing rules with the “No-Sell” and “Warn-Sell” features, the app will show warning messages and will not allow the user to add “No-Sell” products to an order sale.  The messages displayed in the app are defined by the user when creating pricing rules in DeliveryMAX.

When products are set as “No-Sell” the app will not show the product in product lookups, preventing the driver from adding products which cannot be sold to an order or sale. 

When an order or sale which contains a “No-Sell” product is downloaded to the app, the driver is allowed to sell the product, but the app will show warning message to the driver.

Ability to enter “Ending Inventory” instead of beginning inventories.  This feature is only available for VendMAX users who are using “Ending Inventory” method.

Updates to Meter Section on the Vending POS screen improve usability by removing the Test column for fields which do not allow for Tests.  Monetary fields also allow for entry of the decimal point for entering dollars and cents.

Route Info page has been redesigned to make it easier to view.

Other Updates & Patches

Addition of GPS logging

Fix the Fill % shown on the POS list after completing machine service 

Addition of transaction backup tables

Affecting IOS Only

On MAP show user’s current location

Correct delivery sales tax when two or more tax rules apply to the POS

Fix issue with incorrect number of Sched Done POS being displayed in Route Info and Location Info pages

Ignore rounding rules when there are negative amounts

Updated on May 18, 2020

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