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Delivery Points of Sale – Setup

Points of Sale is another name for an individual Delivery point for OCS or related program. A POS is located within a Location. In the VendMAX client, hierarchy Points Of Sale is at the very bottom under National Accounts, Customers, and Locations. The POS Master File can be accessed through the quick links on the left of the main VendMAX screen or through the Master Files drop down menu. Follow the instructions below to enter a new Point of Sale:

Step 1 – Once the Point of Sale Master File is open click the + to create a new POS. The Choose Location To Insert Under dialogue box will immediately appear.

Step 2 – Select a Location and a POS Type. POS Type to choose is Delivery POS

Step 3 – Enter a POS description in the Description field. Note: The description should be short but explain what kind of POS it is and where it is. Ex: OCS Stand

Step 4 – Click on OK to accept entries. The Points of Sales form view will immediately appear.

Step 5 – Use the drop down menu to choose the most appropriate Scheduled Type. Note: For delivery use either Scheduled or On Demand.

Step 6 – Use the drop down menu to choose the most appropriate Delivery Sell Type  

Off Truck – when the driver pulls product directly from their truck to complete deliveries.

Tele-Sales – when orders are received from accounts via phone/fax and an order is input into VendMAX to be downloaded to the drivers’ handhelds so they know what product to bring to the account. This order can be edited directly on the handheld.

Pre-Sell – when the drivers input an order for the next time they will service the account.

Over the Counter – as in a retail environment.

Note: This is for a delivery POS only.

Step 7 – Enter the lead-time, in number of days, in the Delivery Sell Lead Time field.

Step 8 – Using the Bill To drop down menu, select either Customer or Location.

Step 9 -Using the Pull Zone drop down menu, choose the Pull Zone this POS’s product will be taken from.

Step 10 – Using the Vending Delivery Type drop down menu, select either Off Truck (normal) or Pre Kit. Note: This is used for VendMAX to estimate what to bring to the account based on sales history.

Step 11 – Click on OK on the navigation bar to save the entries.

Step 12 – Click on the Equipment tab.

Step 13 – Add any non-vending equipment that is necessary.

Step 14 – When finished, click on Activate to activate the POS. Note: To change a piece of Non Vending Equipment later, you need to de-activate the POS, remove the current Non Vending Equipment, add the new piece and then you will be able Activate the POS.

Step 15 – Click on the Scheduling tab.

Step 16 – Click on Routes and select, which route this POS, will be scheduled on. Note: If this POS will be picked up by a different route on another day, perform a look-up for that day and choose the route.

Step 17 – In the Description field, name the schedule type. Ex. you may call it Permanent Schedule or Winter Schedule. Note: You can input as many types of schedules as you prefer. The black arrow alongside the description denotes which schedule is currently used.

Step 18 – Choose a Start Date and End Date (not necessary)

Step 19 – Click on the Scheduling tab. The POS Scheduling window will immediately appear.

Step 20 – Click on Weeks in Rotation and choose the appropriate number of weeks for the schedule for this POS.

To input a schedule:

Click once on a day for a service (shows ’D’ for Delivery Date) and subsequent clicks will be for “P” for Presell and “T” for Telesell

Step 21 – Click on OK on the navigation bar and check Calender View to view results on a calendar.

Step 22 – Click on the Commissions/Taxes tab.

Step 23 – To override any commission/taxes set at a higher level than the POS, check the Override button in this window and choose the appropriate setting. Note: This is similar to Locations.

Step 24 – Click on the Misc. Info tab.

Step 25 – This is similar to other Misc. Info windows except, to send a note, via the handheld to the driver regarding this POS, enter the note in the Handheld Note field.

Step 26 – For Delivery POS’s a Pricing tab displays.

Step 27 – Similar to Locations, choose a different Pricing Sheet under this tab or edit the rules of the current Pricing Sheet for this specific POS.

Step 28 – For Delivery only, Standing Order tab displays. Note: This is similar to a Planogram. It is the usual product that a Delivery account usually receives. It is included for ease of use when compiling orders.

Step 29 – Add the add items to the standing order by selecting the + symbol beside Order Items and choose the products/invoice items to be added along with the quantities and par values.

Step 30 – Hit the OK button up on the navigation bar. The setup is now complete.

Updated on February 3, 2021

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