Removing Style Tap


Removing Style Tap
The first step to installing VendMax Windows CE is to ensure Style Tap has been permanently removed. Follow these steps to remove the program:
On the Handheld

  1. Exit VendMax
  2. Go To Settings
  1. Tap on the System Tab
    1. Tap on Remove Programs
  1. Highlight StyleTap Platform and tap Remove.
  1. Tap Delete All
  1. Tap Yes to delete all entries.
  1. Tap OK.
  1. Exit Settings
  1. Go To Start, and tap on File Explorer. Navigate to the Program Files Directory.

a. From My Device, tap on Program Files

  1. Remove the file and the Modules folder.
  1. Press and hold for menu.
  1. Tap Delete and Press Yes.
  1. Navigate backward to My Device.
  2. Tap on Windows.
  3. Scroll down and Tap on Start Menu
  4. Remove VendMax.
  5. Tap on Programs folder
  6. Remove VendMax
  7. Warm boot the handheld.
Updated on July 1, 2020

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