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Counting Money using the Money Room Interface


The VendMAX money room interface is designed to merge counted money with Vend Visit data.  This data is pulled together using the bag number field which is recorded in the handheld (usually by scanning) and then entered or scanned in the money room

Note: In most cases, a coin counter is connected through the serial port to the PC in the money room.  This is NOT a requirement to use the VendMAX Money Room module.

Starting the Money Room Module – Screen Layout and Basics

From VendMAX’s main menu, choose Activities | Count Money.  This will bring up the main money room screen in a VendMAX Window.

Notes about the Money Room Screen:

The top of the screen is used to select a date, and a Route, Truck, or Driver.  Generally this information is filled in and the Get Data button is hit to pull data for the route and day.

The middle screen shows the Vend Visits for the specific day and route selected.

The bottom holds “Unassigned Bags” – bags that cannot be matched up with a Vend Visit because (a) the handheld has not been synced yet and the Vend Visit doesn’t exist, or (b) there is a data entry error.

Using the Money Room Screen

Before counting (or entering) money, Vend Visits have to be loaded based on data and route/truck/driver.  To do this, fill in the fields and hit the Get Data button.

In this example, Route G had 5 collections on 12/13/2000, and none of the bags have been counted yet. 

Tip: To see all collects for the day, even if they have been counted, un-check the “only show visits without money” check box and hit the Get Data button again.

Once data has been loaded, the system is ready to accept counted money.  Counted money involves three pieces of data:

Bag Number – the bag number counted

Coins – The amount of coins counted

Bills – The amount of bills counted.

Counted money can be manually entered using the Enter Bag button.

When the OK button is hit, the data will be entered into the unassigned bags section:

At this point, you can hit the Find Parents button, and if there is a matching bag above, you will get the following message.

Note: Generally, money is counted in a batch, and more than one visit will be updated at a time.

Saving the Data

The OK button must be hit before any data is saved and “written” to the database.  If you hit the Cancel button, all changes are discarded and the money must be recounted!!  When you hit the OK button:

All the vend Visits that received money, will now have amount bills and amount coins updated, and they will be reposted.

Any “unassigned bags” will be stored in a table, and will continue to come up every time this user enters the Money Room screen until the bags are assigned or deletedNote the bag number can be changed by double clicking on the entry in unassigned bags.

Before the data is written, a summary screen like the following will display:

The Accept button must be pressed to save the data.

When a link is set up between the coin counter and the computer running VendMAX, the process works the same, except that it is faster and more accurate.  In most cases, the Counted Money data (Bag Number, Bills, and Coins) comes directly from the Coin Counter and Bill counter inferface after each count, or when the batch accept button is pressed on the coin counter.  In either case, the data ends up in the unassigned bags area where it can be matched up with Vend Visits using the Find Parents button.  Also note the following when using an electronic link:

Bill Counters can be hooked up to the Coin Counter so that the data makes it into VendMAX.  Bill counters are never directly connected to VendMAX.

Many people will hook a scanner into the Coin Counter so that bags can be quickly and accurately scanned.

Useful Reports

There are several reports that can be used in conjunction with the coin counting process.  These report are outlined here.

Expected Cash Status Report

This report prints the bag numbers that came in from each route, and the expected cash by driver.

Daily Money Room Balance Report

This report prints a concise total of money counted in the counting room by Route.

Driver Check In Report

This report shows the POS’s serviced by day b y route, and shows the total dollar amount taken from the change fund for refunds and coin tubes (labeled Mech. Top off)

Other Notes

IF you have been assigned the allowable permissions, you can view unassigned bags counted by other money room personnel by checking the Show Other’s Bags Check box.

There is a configuration option to allow scanned bags to instantly be assigned to a vend visit for non-batch mode counting.  Please contact VendMAX support if you would like more information about this option.

Over/Short information is displayed in the Assigned Bags area and on the Money Confirmation screen.  This is an option that can be disabled if you do not want this information displayed.  The “Activities: View Mny Room Detail” permission in Security Profiles controls this access.

Updated on December 27, 2021

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