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How to Manage Vistar File Imports


You now have a quick way to create Vendor Receipts in VendMAX by importing the Vendor Receipts & turning them into VendMAX Receipts. You still need to setup an account with your Vendor, i.e. Vistar, to receive the vendor receipt file. This file has to be a .csv file and follow the Vistar file format.

Some Key Benefits:

  • Once you tap on the “Load” button to import the Vendor .csv file you will see the vendor list of products on the left side of the screen. VendMAX will do a look up by product code and display the VendMAX product on the right side of the screen.
  • If there is a discrepancy, the product will be highlighted in yellow.
  • If the vendor file contains product codes that have not been setup in VendMAX under the Vendor, you can assign them right from this screen. On the VendMAX Data side of the screen, it’s important to select the VendMAX product code by double clicking in the product code cell AND you need to assign the Package Size. Once you select “Create Receipt” you will be prompted to agree with the changes.
  • You have the ability to “Ignore” the import of a specific product in the Vendor List by checking the Ignore box next to the product code.
  • If there are duplicate Product Packages or Vendor Codes detected, you will be prompted with a message that there are duplicate product packages or Vendor Codes. You will have to correct these in the vendor master file.
  • Tap on “Create Receipt” to update VendMAX. Validate receipt is in VendMAX. You can also validate that the new Product codes has been added to the Vendors Product list.

Process to Import a file

  1. Set up an account with Vistar so the file is sent to you regularly
  2. Admin>Vendor Receipts import
  3. Select site, zone, vendor
  4. Load file – select file from your PC
  5. Products highlighted in Red did not find a match in VendMAX.  You can add them to the Vendor Master Product list from this screen
    • Match the Vendor product to VendMAX by double clicking on the VendMAX product code field.  Select the correct product
    • Select the proper Package Size
  6. Product listed in White found a match
  7. Products highlighted in Yellow found a match by Description but no match by product code was found.  You can assign a VM product to it from this screen
  8. Tap on “ignore” to the left of Vendor Product if you want to remove it from the receipt
  9. Tap on “Create” Receipt
  10. Verify Receipt in Transaction>Receipts
  11. Verify Product Code was added to Vendor list —  Masterfile>Vendor>Product Codes.  You can also view OOS (Out of Service) packages from this screen
Updated on August 11, 2022

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